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We greatly appreciate the collaboration across our region in our activities. 

Thank you to:


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University of Arizona


Colorado School of Mines


Colorado State University


The University of New Mexico


The University of California Los Angeles


UA Water Network

At the University of Arizona, more than 280 faculty and researchers in 48 departments and programs specialize in topics related to water. Expertise ranges from the social sciences and public policy to civil engineering, biology, and environmental chemistry. This site connects university departments and researchers with students, government representatives, businesses, and citizens.


Water Resources Research Center

We tackle key water policy and management issues, empower informed decision-making, and enrich understanding through engagement, education,
and applied research.


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Tucson Water

Our commitment is to ensure that our customers receive high quality water and excellent service in a safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.

Pima County Flood Control

The Pima County Regional Flood Control District strives to use forward-looking floodplain management practices to minimize flood and erosion damages for all county residents, property and infrastructure. Regionally, the District is involved in a variety of flood monitoring, flood control and natural resource management activities. We also perform floodplain management activities within unincorporated portions of Pima County.


Pima County Wastewater

Our mission is to protect the public health, safety, and the environment by providing quality service, environmental stewardship, and renewable resources. We design, manage and maintain 3,500 miles of the sanitary sewer (conveyance) system and two metropolitan and six sub-regional water reclamation facilities.

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Denver Water

The mission of Denver Water is to serve our customers by being a national leader in delivering clean water, operating and maintaining a reliable and resilient system, and protecting the water resources of the West.

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Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority's Vision is to go beyond our customer’s expectations. We value high quality and reliable service to our customers at a reasonable cost, supporting the regional community, the environment and our employees.

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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power exists to support the growth and vitality of the City of Los Angeles, its residents, businesses and the communities we serve, providing safe, reliable and cost-effective water and power in a customer-focused and environmentally responsible manner.



One Water 2100 Master Plan

Tucson Water is preparing a new comprehensive long range plan for the first time since 2004, based on a nationally recognized, integrated approach to water resource management known as “One Water.”


Santa Cruz Watershed Collaborative

The Santa Cruz Watershed Collaborative is a partnership of organizations and agencies working on water and watershed issues in the greater Tucson portion of the Santa Cruz River watershed.


Watershed Management Group

Watershed Management Group (WMG) develops community-based solutions to ensure the long-term prosperity of people and health of the environment. We provide people with the knowledge, skills, and resources for sustainable livelihoods.

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